“CLASSICO” Extravirgin Olive Oil

750 ml

“Classico” extravirgin olive oil has a genuineness that makes it perfect for an every day family use.
The low acidity and peroxides guarantee an high digestibility and an intact taste.

Article AA452
Barcode 8018440001992
Apperance Clear yellow
Acidity ≤ 0,8
Oil Origin UE
Shelf Life 18 months from the date of packaging
Capacity 1L
Packaging Dimensions 28 x 16,5 x 24,5
Number per package and weight 6 pz – 9 kg
Packaging Cardboard
Packages per EPAL Pallet 105
Packages per EPAL Layer 21
Number of EPAL Layers 5
Packages per FUMIGATA Pallet 140
Packages per FUMIGATA Layer 28
Number of FUMIGATA Layers 5

* Values could vary.

Its greenish color, the fruity and sweet aroma, with an almond aftertaste, flavor every day life.


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